Spring Update 2021.  

During January, our goal was to fine-tune the concept for a tool to repair the tip, to ensure optimization of repairing the tip of the blade, which was prototyped in December 2020.  This goal was achieved when the tool was finalized and hereby could help to improve and finish the tip repair of the blade. The tool became a part of the “toolbox” on top of the BR-8 robot. The toolbox is a combination of all the tools the robot needs when working at the blade in the heights.

When we managed to finalize the tool to repair the tip, we could start to develop other tools. The new tools will help to improve the process time and to ensure an optimization of the fine-tuning of the Leading-Edge repairs.

In February, our engineers extended the toolbox by developing two new tools: The Brush Sander and Brush Cleaner. The two new tools can be used during the “working while moving” concept. Currently, we are process optimizing the tools for various turbine blades to ensure we offer a broad selection of repairing solutions for wind turbine blades.


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