The Rope Robotics journey #2.

Rope Robotics just reached one of the really important milestones!

We started the promotion of our BR8 Robot and our leading edge repair service, which is a significant milestone. Going from a “kitchen drawing” to a fully operational robot – offering top-quality leading edge repair service is really a major step!
Honestly, we are very proud and happy about the results reached so far!
It started only 5 years ago. Hans Laurberg and Martin Huus Bjerge were literally sitting in Martin’s living room and discussed the possibilities to automate the leading-edge repair. The idea of building a robot to do the job, had for some time been a recurrent subject among them. This specific day they decided to see how far they could manage. They moved from the living room, grabbed a piece of chalk and transferred their thoughts to the blackboard in the kitchen. Below you see the first draft of the BR8 – what we call the “kitchen drawing” 😊


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