Recap of 2020. 

During the ‘slightly’ abnormal year 2020, we have been through huge improvements! 💪

We have, for example, moved from stationary- to dynamic work. The reason for this change was because we were aiming to be able to work and repair while moving on the wind turbine blade. In the beginning our BR-8 robot moved solely by suction cups, where the robot had to stabilize and get attached to the blade by creating a vacuum, while sanding, cleaning, and repairing the leading edge of the wind turbine blades, before moving to the next area of repair. Then we replaced the suction cups with suction foam, which was a game changer in “working while moving”. With this new change of the moving tool, we can keep working while moving, and hereby optimize the repairing speed of the wind turbine blades.

Furthermore, we experienced a huge breakthrough in the autumn, due to the perfection of our LEP tool, which decreases the process time and optimize the repair speed. The LEP tool is short for “Leading Edge Protection” tool. The LEP tool on our BR-8 robot is the one applying a long-lasting protection after the leading edge has been prepared by being sanded and cleaned with isoprophyl alcohol.

In December, the concept of a tool, to repair the tip of the wind turbine blade was prototyped and left room for our engineers to improve and finalize the tool in the upcoming year; 2021.

We are happy for our results in 2020 and are excited for what the future is going to bring us in 2021! 😀


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